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Updated: Jan 7

Oh yeah, there's a blog on here! But the pandemic was like shaking an Etch-a-Sketch, right?

Since the last post we've expanded exponentially in unexpected directions. We created a haunt at a 100 year old train station in Texas that was listed as one of Fodor’s Travel Guide’s 13 top haunted events in America in 2021.

We started doing puzzle games at events. Putting out a listing to hire a puzzle creator led to working with the amazing Tommy Honton. who has helped us present complex conundrums with two different Sherlock Holmes adventures, Edison vs. Tesla at the Marin Co. Fair, a family fun puzzle at the largest pumpkin patch in SoCal, and a Jekyll & Hyde pubcrawl in San Francisco.

I also got an idea in 2022 that had been rattling around in my brain since childhood and put two of the greatest story vehicles ever together to make "Dungeons & Shakespeare." My improv teacher, the great Dave Razowsky, former artistic director of The Second City LA, talks about ideas that are sticky, like a snowball rolling downhill it gathers things to become more substantial. Well, D&S is the stickiest idea I've ever had. From the moment it hit the stage I had full, enthusiastic audiences. I've now presented it at Northern, Southern, Bristol and Florida Faires, Edmonton & Winnipeg Fringes, and at Solofest in LA. Not only are people rabid for it but it's also constant fun for me, always new and challenging in such a fun way. It's just going to keep gaining momentum.

Now the goal is to place these experiences at more events across the world, expanding to entertain more audiences and to collaborate with more artists.

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