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Where history comes back to haunt you

(Un)Living History Haunts creates unique theatrical events in historic buildings around America to raise funds in partnership with associated non-profits, increase visibility of historic locations, and bring the local history to life in a unique and marketable way.

Unlike a traditional Haunted house, we create a historic production. Instead of chainsaws and jump-scares, guests encounter locally sourced ghosts in a thrilling new way to celebrate a city’s stories.

Listed as one of Fodor’s Travel Guide’s 13 top haunted events in America in 2021, we have over 20 years, producing live entertainment for over 700,000 people on three continents. In 2019 we helped scare audiences in the immersive recreation of the “IT, Chapter Two” House in Hollywood, produced by New Line Cinema and in 2020 with one of the nation’s largest drive-through Halloween events, “Haunt-O-Ween” in Los Angeles.

(Un)Living History Haunts: Tickets
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