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Jekyll & Hyde

and the elixir of madness

An immersive pub crawl

You enter a ransacked laboratory and see a lab tech surveying the scene. They tell you that renowned Dr. Jekyll has been abducted by a criminal and if there is any hope to find him alive they need your help scouring the streets and the pubs of London. 

There's a map to follow before the trail goes cold. To think like a madman you may have to drink like one; but which elixir is the cure to madness? Better hurry to the first pub and see what clues lie at the bottom of a tonic.

This interactive, puzzle solving adventure is available exclusively at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. 


Coming to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco 2023

Don't miss your chance to solve the mystery and bring Mr. Hyde to justice, all while imbibing custom-designed elixirs unlike anything you've ever tasted. Head off on the adventure and visit five pubs around Dickens London. 
Mocktail versions of all potions readily available.

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