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Pick a Perplexing Puzzle

Let us provide you with a fresh, engaging theatrical experience that offers a new way for people to interact with an environment and transports participants into an immersive narrative. 

Sherlock logo parchment.jpg

Sherlock Holmes & the Missing Prince

Sherlock Holmes needs your help to prevent a murder! The game is afoot as you are transported to 1866 to save a prince with the help of a traveling circus. Follow a secret map for this interactive adventure around the event to collect clues and solve puzzles. Work together to save the day!

jekyll graphic.png

Jekyll & Hyde and the Elixer of Madness

You enter the ransacked laboratory of the esteemed Dr. Jekyll. It's up to you to formulate the antidote or Jekyll will be forever lost to the nefarious Mr. Hyde. ​Will solving the chemical conundrums leave you besotted by madness? 

Maple copy_edited.jpg

The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrow

In this family oriented adventure the sheriff needs your help as the town’s scarecrows have gone missing! The crows will eat the pumpkins tonight and there won’t be any left for the pumpkin contest. Your challenge is to unravel this puzzle before the precious pumpkins, the pride of the townspeople, fall victim to the feathered invaders. 

clue just people.jpg

Whodunnit? A Clue style Mystery

You have been invited to a mansion and you’ll soon discover everyone here is tangled in the web of lies 
Prepare for shocking discoveries and startling revelations! Learn about colorful and suspicious
characters. Map the passageways and possibiliHes that are like the labyrinth of lies that led to murder.

just edison and tesla.png

Edison vs. Tesla- Quest for Power

Join one of histories most infamous rivalries as you attempt to assist Nikola Tesla solve a challenge to prove his invention can change the world. Will you be the genius that illuminates the intricate ending? 


Sherlock Holmes & the Incendiary Incident

Sherlock is back and the case is more complex and engaging than ever! Alfred Nobel has had his formula stolen and it must be located or chaos will ensue. Who broke into the lab and committed murder? It's up to you to find out and avoid an explosive ending!


It engaged the patrons, exposed and utilized areas of the event that the average patron might typically pass over, and was fit for all ages. 

I consider this the highlight of a very successful event.   Shelby Bond is a master showman and a joy to work with. 

These will be a joyful addition to our offerings for years.


Devin Gregory 

Entertainment Director 

Red Barn Productions DBA

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

This will be amazing.

Why it will be an unforgettably unique experience:

  • Interactive and immersive puzzle.

  • Suitable to do as a group or individually.

  • Engaging, challenging, and memorable.

  • Adds a proven, popular experience.

  • Provides added value to event attendance.  


  1. We come in and do everything.

  2. We come to you, set up and train you to run it.

  3. We provide you with a package to do it all yourself.

  4. We create a bespoke puzzle for you (and you choose one of the first three options).

Here's an easy puzzle. See if you can find and click the button. (for more info and a quote)

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