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The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows

A puzzle game for the family

It's the night before the big pumpkin contest and the scarecrows have gone missing and without them the crows will surely destroy the pumpkins

and ruin the big day. 

Maple copy_edited.jpg

Sheriff Sally Sunflower

"We need your help to solve this mystery. Come see me to get clues and work together to unravel the perplexing puzzles."

Maple copy_edited.jpg
Family at Pumpkin Patch

The thief

"You'll never find the scarecrows

and you'll never catch me! My day has come and the crows shall feast on the pumpkins!" 

Solve the mystery!

Bring the whole family to this all-ages game and see if you can win. 

Sheriff Sally Sunflower will be there and needs you. Come be a detective!

Kids with Pumpkins
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