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If we shadows...

I've gone silently live with the Shadow website.

For many years if I needed any design done I would have to ask friends for a friend-rate. But after the 10th poster or website you need help with you know it's too much. I can't wait until I can pay artists what they deserve. Luckily, there are options for me to learn to assemble graphics and sites myself now. Websites like Wix and Adobe Spark help you with a design scheme and have templates for you to assemble. So I've designed logos, posters, and even loads of short videos. Now it's easier to be an artist and handle more areas of your work and self promotion.

There are so many elements to producing a show like The Shadow Space-

  • Actors

  • Venue

  • Contracts

  • Insurance

  • Press/media

  • Promotions- online and off line marketing

  • Ticket sales

  • Art design/props

  • Parking

  • And, of course, a great script.

Design is so important for promotion

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