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The Suspects

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Momentum is building and I'm about to have to jump in the cart and try to hold on as it rolls wildly downhill. In just a few weeks I'll be back in London, running workshops on both Tour de Farce and Kindred Spirits. With Tour I'm going to take students on a field trip to The National Gallery and I'll actually be able to set them lose on what I have recorded so far on the show. They'll make their way through the paintings and we'll meet after for me to get feedback on what will make the experience richer and more rewarding to the audience.

The second workshop will be in a classroom as we devise around the concepts of Kindred Spirits. They'll "die" for me to see the show come to life. I'm anxious to see how it works to have a semi-permeable fourth wall, to see the actors carry on like they can't see the audience as they walk among them.

Development on the show is coming along well. Dan and I are working to focus on the story before we get enmeshed in all the artifacts, clues, leads and variables. I love the cast and how characters are developing.

(H= Home in the house where the show takes place)

(A= Away. Visiting the house where our show takes place)

(+ Having affair)

(H)Thomas- Tech start up success. Temper, possessive due to his own insecurities. Feels Laura completes him. Doesn’t really like kids but told Laura he wanted them to secure the engagement. Recently told her he didn’t really want them in the first place and is trying to change her mind.

(H)+Laura (victim)- Pediatrician. She truly loves Cameron and always has but didn’t know he had feelings for her till recently. Wants children but Thomas has been dragging his feet on that topic.

(A)+Cameron- Lawyer, Manipulative but truly loves Laura since College, maybe longer. After Thomas and Laura married, he settled for Julia. Wants to start a family now, but Julia is not interested in that right now.

(A)Julia- CFO/ business exec. Polished persona, in control, Volatile moments. Cameron seemed the wise choice for marriage for a wealthy life, but love has never fully been a factor. She has been growing to resent him in recent years. Is indifferent on having children but right now is not right with her career.

Today I made a video promo. For these SIP projects, so far I've had to learn to work with Adobe Spark, Garage Band, and to do website design. Whew, that's the tech-y-est I've ever had to be. I think the video promo captures the feeling of the show well: scary but mysterious.

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