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The script is done!

Well, the first draft, anyway. I can actually hold Tour de Farce in my hand and not just in my head. Twenty paintings, twenty short scripts touching on everything from ridiculous beauty standards to broken hearts to rapping grandmas. Paintings by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Monet all viscously parodied.

Now to bring the words to life with the help of my collaborator as well as any friend who will let me present a few to them. I have found that stand up comics, like me, tend to repeat things over and over to different people to gage their reaction. The only hard thing is making sure you remember who you've run an idea by and who you haven't. Well that and our significant other having to hear us repeat ourselves again and again (they must really love us). Luckily I have a great community of friends that let me test market material on them.

It is my hope that the most difficult thing about recording this show is keeping ourselves from laughing too much in the studio.

It's no longer just a dream. It's a script!

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