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The paintings. The process.

I spent countless hours in The National Gallery. Here's how the process went

  • Take it all in.

  • Get maps. Learn the layout.

  • Do the in-house audio tour.

  • Pick the paintings that inspired the most stories in me.

Like this, but much less organized.

  • Chose a route through the museum.

  • Narrow it down to one painting per room

  • Write and flesh out ideas and write toss out ideas and write.

Now I have written 17 out of 20 of the scripts. The most interesting part has been trying to find different methods for the scripts, different POVs and presentations and to find ways to bring up issues I feel are important: Civil rights, Equal rights, Love and dignity while still making them funny and entertaining.

Now to get the scripts off the page as I head into rehearsals soon and we'll get to hear the paintings come to life, devising and working within the text to strengthen them before recording.

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