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Survey says...

With the increasing popularity of participatory theatre we were bound to start seeing some pushback from people who aren't into it.

I've been seeing more people who hate it-

Some that feel the need to define what works and adjust the terminology-

and then there are people who say they only like it when it's not happening to them-

Then, a couple weeks ago I released this website on facebook and asked people which of the three shows in the BMP season they are most intrigued by. I was hugely surprised that the clear winner in popularity was "Spotlight: The Show With No Actors." This is the show on the highest part of the interactivity spectrum. It's the one I figured most people would be the most afraid of because they would be put on the spot the most.

All this got me thinking so much about people's reactions to interacting with a theatre piece. All these thoughts made me even more excited about the survey. I released a link to it and within 3 hours I already had 125 people who took it. I have to say how continuously thankful I am for all the people out there that support my work. And, say what you like about FB, it sure can reach a lot of people in a short time. I asked questions about what terminology people connect with, if people dread or love being called out etc. I can't wait to tally the results and use them in my dissertation.

Here's the link to the survey:

How involved do you like to be in a show?

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