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That's what I'm calling the clinical condition when you've spent weeks huddled over GarageBand, editing studio recordings until you've gone mad. I've been going through the Tour de Farce studio recordings I did with Jorjeana, painstakingly adding ambiance, sfx, and score. Every one is completely different and I have to find just the right way to bring it to life. I only had a broad-strokes understanding of GarageBand but now I'm getting it down. Tour de Farce in particular is forcing me to have to become much more savvy in web platforms and sound design. I've also had to understand music and sound royalties and I've found two sites in particular, one for sfx and one for scoring that are royalty free. For a fee I can use them all without credit but for free I'll just have to make sure and credit the artists on the site. Luckily, the recordings we did are so solid. Her studio did such a great job of giving me clean tracks to work with. Also, going through these I can solidly say she's incredibly talented and displays a dazzling array of characters and comic timing.

So far I've done twelve paintings our of nineteen. They make me laugh but then I get caught up in minutia that I no one else would notice. I have to put one away for a while and come back to it so I can hear the story and not just the editing. By the time I get back to the UK I'll have them all edited and can test market the paintings for the MA class. I sent out an invite to join my workshop that will be a field trip to The National Gallery. Then, I can workshop ways to utilize the location between the paintings to create more of a site specific show and not just one about the paintings. Getting back to LA in March, I'll record those interstitial segments with Jorjeana and then I'm thinking about releasing the show to the public in June when I'm back in London again.

Now I'll go listen to some of the tracks and see if they make me laugh again yet.

So much time spent like this.

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