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So many choices

When taking a show outside of a standard theatre experience, there are so many choices. Does the audience sit or stand? Do they follow the show? And on and on.

The original thought for a museum show as to have a fake tour guide there, taking people around the site, then the idea was to add a fake art critic to add to the experience. But I wanted something bigger. Attending a show in London called Fiction got me thinking about the possibilities of an audio show. Listening to the in-house audio tours of several of the museums in London got me more excited about utilizing this medium, partially because of how little they were taking advantage of the possibilities. None of them brought the paintings to life, most were strictly informational.

Listen up.

I am still pondering a big issue. Should the show just be for people attending The National Gallery, being completely site-specific? Or should people be able to experience it online?

The positive: SO many more people could have access to it, to pondering great art in fun ways. The negative: it would remove the magic of the experience. taking it from a show to just a series of comedy bits. The location IS part of the show.

I guess I just talked myself into it. It has to be at the location.

Do you agree?

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