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Sigh, then...Yay!

Where to start? We lost the venue. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up so high. But even with the multi-million dollar insurance policy the home owner didn't want to go for it. I got really stressed out about it and contacted what was actually my first choice but I didn't think it could happen. Another early 1900s home that has been painstaingly refurbished by my friend Brian. So, like they say, "fourth time is a charm." Wait, do they say that? Again, nothing's been signed but it looks like a go.

Yesterday I got back to the U.K. and I'm going to run a workshop next week that will be the first, beta test of Tour de Farce. I can't wait to hear how people react to the recordings. I have to go this weekend and make sure reception is good enough in the space for them to stream the content, otherwise I'll have to have them all download the files in advance. I think their feedback is going to help the show develop so much.

These logistics are a nightmare.

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