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Platinum recording

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

We did it! Jorjeana and I met at Disney Animation Studios for lunch, getting inspired by the greats, then went back to her studio and spent the day in the sound booth. It was so much fun! I wasn't sure how many paintings we would get to but we did 18 out of 19 scripts!

On the Disney lot about to record.

She is such a pro. Several of the scripts she saw for the first time as we walked into the booth and we hammered them out in one or two takes. We played around, did some improv on the ends and sprinkled here and there, and the biggest problem was not laughing.

If you're like me, you recored your voice mail message on your phone and then listen back to it, hate it, and recored it like 8 more times, messing up on all sorts of little things or just sounding weird. I was nervous I would be like that in studio so I didn't listen to myself through the headphones, I just gave it my all, playing with voices and trusting the chemistry between us. I'm sure there will be some things I want to re-record so we'll see how many pick ups I wanna do after I spend the holiday editing. I have to find heaps of royalty free music and sound effects to do some great post on these.

I figure we'll need one more session to do touch ups and then another for adding in all the site specific, interstitial segments and introduction, etc. I may wait till after my next trip to the UK to do all of those so that I can use the feedback from Central to do final adjustments on the feel of the tour. In all, I'm feeling great about it and can't wait to make people laugh with these.

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