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Mentor acquired

Sometimes if you ask for something that seem out of reach and

Then someone extends a helping hand.

you get it. Glen Neath has agreed to be my artistic mentor. It's no stretch to say he's one of the preeminent leaders in the field of immersive and experiential theatre. I was sure he would be too busy to help but he's said he'd be happy to. He's amazing and just right for me to learn from for several reasons.

  • He is incredibly prolific as he's produced over 30 shows

  • His work is cutting edge, testing the bounds of immersive theatre

  • He's worked in audio shows, horror, small group presentations, experience-based shows and many forms that make the lines between audience and production blurry and exciting.

I attended his show Fiction while I was in London. The production takes place nearly completely in total darkness. The headphone recordings were so real and visceral that you felt like people were talking just to you, sometimes whispering in your ear. It was exciting, disconcerting, and even felt somehow dangerous with it's winding, hypnotic plot.

Review for Fiction-

‘The experience is like being trapped in a David Lynch wonderland’ - Zoe Atherfold, EdFestMag (Edinburgh

He's looking through my site now and I'm preparing a list of questions and thoughts to present to him about headphone show, Tour de Farce. Glen Neath is a true artist who fearlessly and constantly produces work and I can't wait to have his feedback throughout my MFA SIP journey!

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