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Meeting of minds

Today I had my first production meeting with Jorjeana. It left me very excited to get in the studio with her but our conversation was much more broad than just this project. It was about sustaining yourself as an artist, about not just generating ideas, passion and creativity but about being able to sustain yourself with it.

I didn't just want to do this project with her because of her talent. I like that she, like me, is doing the work to do the work. She's always writing, teaching, learning, filming, recording...self starting, and that's the work. We talked a lot about the recent surge in audio dramas, podcasts etc and I think it's because people, as always, are craving well crafted stories and engaging content but they are exhausted of all the screen-time. So something like My Favorite Murder, one of the world's most popular podcasts, was able to also sell out a global tour of live, stage shows.

There are more ways to connect with audiences than ever and now people are craving more and more diverse experiences. Yes, part of the reason we start going on IMDB when we're watching a movie on Netflix is because we have short attention spans but, also, part of it is because we can handle more than just one input, we are looking for something to be more interactive and experiential. Which is really what this new theatre company of mine is about- not just being a passive spectator.

We went through some of the painting scrips for Tour de Farce and I got to explain all the angles I'm trying to come at for this show. She agreed that an experience like this might get people to go into a museum that might not otherwise and she said something that filled me with glee, "I don't know that I'll look at any paintings the same after this."

From your ears to your imagination.


She's so on board and I can't wait to hear her bring the scripts to life, which may begin as soon as next week!

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