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It's real now

Today was a huge day for Kindred Spirits. We found the location! A gorgeous home in Pasadena built in 1906. It's perfect.

  • Super creepy, I mean, charming.

  • Loads of character with heaps of doors.

  • Plenty room out back for a staging area for the next audience.

  • Lots of varied areas to stage different parts of the story.

There are, of course, some obstacles:

  • We have to get it approved with the landlord of the property but it looks promising.

  • We have to get insurance for the site so audiences are covered.

  • It is a permit only parking area so we have to figure out how to get a bunch of them and distribute them to cars or they'll have to park blocks away.

  • We can't use the entire space so parts of the house will be blocked off. (I expected this)

These can be overcome with the help of the great team I'm assembling. Dan is not only nice, he's very experience on numerous things that'll help this happen. He has run events where he has led audiences through an immersive experience. He has worked in marketing and promotions so I'm not on my own for press releases etc. In general, I'm feeling very relieved to not be doing this on my own.There are WAY too many moving parts. I want to be able to rely on people not just for the quality of the production but also so my brain doesn't melt.

More good news, Felicia Rose has agreed to come on as Art Design. She'll be handling so many details that will make the aesthetic of the show so dynamic and congruent. She's a two-time Emmy winner and I can't wait to see what her design ideas are for the space and for the artifacts. Her work is immaculate and will bring this to life, even in death.

And the final member of the cast was decided on. Kris Angelis is going to bring an emotional depth to the character that will be so rich and textured.

I can't wait to work with these people!

Dan McCann- Cast/Co-producer, Felicia Rose- Art Design, Shelby Bond- Creator/Co-producer, Kris Angelis- Cast/Venue

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