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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

You know how you can feel like nothing is happening, that a project is stuck in molasses then it all comes unstuck at once and you're left reeling? Well I've been so focused on Tour de Farce that I didn't realize Kindred Spirits was going to take off like a rocket.

The lines between worlds are about to get blurry.

I had my first meeting with Dan McCann, an LA-based actor, producer and voice over artist and, it's official, we're partnering on this project! I have been weary of working with someone because of some past experiences but, I did it right this time and set out expectations in a contract. As they say, "Good contracts save friendships." He has so many great ideas already and brings things to the project I definitely don't like having worked in escape games and knowledge of video game flow and structure.

Then things really took off. I found the location for the show! The show requires an actual house and that has many obstacles one wouldn't have to deal with when it comes to a normal theatre venue. Are there things in the house that one wouldn't want an audience to see or mess with? Will there be complaints from neighbors? Is there available, unrestricted street parking? Is there a place to welcome people and have them wait that won't interfere with a show that has already begun? Are all the people living in the house ok with having it entered by audiences? Is the house too big or too small to be a controllable environment? And, of course, as with any venue, is it affordable? What we'll be able to pay the venue and the actors has yet to be determined. As I told Dan, the fewer people you work with, the easier it is to have a sustainable show and I believe that's one of the reasons that most escape rooms/games have no actors. BUT, I really want a live theatrical experience and the four reasons I'm doing this show are

  1. To have fun.

  2. To experiment with a show that leads to completing my MFA

  3. To create a show that has a permeable 4th wall so the lines between the actors and the audience can find a new dynamic within a narrative and semi open-source environment.

  4. To create a profitable, sustainable show.

So, it's on. We are looking to do a five or six week run on Thursday nights from April 18th, 2019.

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