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I shot a commercial!

Today was the big shoot day for the Tour de Farce promo video.

Here's what led up to the shoot:

1. Find a museum that would allow me to film in- The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Scout the perfect place in the gallery, note the time of day for best lighting, do test shots.

2. Cast the roles. I needed three people of large diversity, race, sex, age, and general appearance. Specifically I wanted someone with a great smile and a contagious laugh. I called local theatre groups, news stations, and a local church and got one person from each.

3. Prep camera equipment and design the shots to be as simple as possible.

Of course, something is going to go wrong. When I got there early to set up THE PAINTINGS WERE GONE! Yep, they had taken the ones in the area I had scouted down for a wedding. So I had to sweet talk the administrator to actually letting me relocate one of their large paintings.

In the end, it all worked. The cast was great, the lighting was great, and the shots were simple and clean. The biggest sign of a good shoot is an easy edit and that's just what I got.

It's now live and I can't wait to get feedback on it. It makes the whole project feel more real to me and that makes me smile like the guy in the promo.

Still image from the Tour de Farce promo shot at The San Angelo Museum of Fine Art in Texas.

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