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All the little obsticals​

My brain is bogged down in all those little things you don't want to think about but you have to. People sometimes forget that an artist often has to do a ton of business things.

"Doing the shows is easy, the work is getting to do the shows." -Shelby Bond

Yeah, I just said that. Sure, you could paint something and then just throw it away but you can't make a living doing that. You're going to have to try to sell the painting so you can buy more canvas and paint and eat and not freeze outside because you couldn't afford rent. Art schools need to emphasize how to making a living while creating.

Here is a list of boring things I have to think about with Tour de Farce:

  • Point new domain name at hosting site

  • Convert M4A files into MP3s

  • Redesign Tour site and add sound files

  • Figure out if audience will be able to stream from in National Gallery or if I'll need to make them downloadable

Here is a list of un-fun things I need to think about with The Shadow Space:

  • Point new domain name at host site

  • Design web-page

  • Confirm venue

  • Get insurance for venue

  • Rent a portable toilet for outside at venue

  • Confirm contracts and percentages with actors and venue

  • Figure out parking permit situation

  • Research ticket sales options and add to site

None of these are the fun part. But these are a package deal with all the fun things like tell a story, create an experience...

So let's get this stuff done.

This picture makes me want to take a nap

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