about the show

A comedy audio tour of The National Gallery

(So funny it’s unreal)

In each room throughout the museum, the listener will find a painting that has been turned into a comedy sketch. It may be a fake critic giving a wholly inaccurate account of what the piece means, it may be an absurd story of one of the people in the far background, it may even be the person in the portrait talking directly to the viewer.

This show goes back to the true definition of site specific theatre: "Layers of the site are carefully peeled back through a performance that is not an imposition upon the location but springs forth from it."

- (Wrights and Sights)

This self-led, experiential show, developed for the MFA Advanced Theatre Practice program at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, has the academic goal to explore the idea of deconstructing the expectations of a space, allowing the participant to explore a specific site in a non site-specific way.

The public goal for this show is to get people into museums and engage them in a lighthearted way in hopes they will enjoy finding their own stories in paintings.

Have you ever seen a painting and wondered what the rest of the day looked like for the painter, the landscape, the bowl of fruit? Did she spill the yellow paint? Did a mysterious fog descend? Did the banana get eaten first?

Tour de Farce takes you there. 

Special thanks on the promo video to Malik Mingo, Jana Duncan, Archana Nair and

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.